How Do Personal Injury Cases Work?

In order to recover compensation in a personal injury case, the first step usually involves contacting the at-fault party or their insurance company and making a claim for compensation. This step will begin a process of negotiation between you and the at-fault party or their representatives. You will also begin to negotiate over the amount of compensation you will receive.

If both sides can agree on a compensation amount, they will execute a settlement agreement of your personal injury claim. If the parties cannot reach a settlement, the injured party may have to file a lawsuit in court.

The litigation process involves a period of “discovery.” During that process, both sides exchange evidence and information. The claim will be heard in a trial before a jury or a judge. The judge or jury will reach a verdict that decides the case. The verdict may find that the injured party is entitled to compensation. If so, the court will render a judgment that sets out the amount of money the at-fault party must pay.