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semi-trucks on highway

Large trucks, tractor-trailers, and semis cause many motor vehicle accidents on the roads of Alabama and throughout the U.S. A semi-truck and fully-loaded trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When these massive vehicles collide with passenger cars, the occupants of the smaller vehicles may suffer devastating, life-altering injuries.

Because of these dangers, the trucking industry is required to comply with the regulations issued under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. However, a tragic accident can result when semi-trailer truck drivers and trucking companies do not comply with those regulations.

A semi-trailer truck accident injury can be a disorienting, traumatic, and life-changing event. As you recover, medical bills will begin piling up. You may be out of work and unable to earn a living. That financial situation will make you feel helpless. You will need help to obtain monetary compensation for your injuries and the other damages you have suffered.

Where can you turn for help? A semi-truck accident lawyer can explain your legal options and answer any questions. In addition, a knowledgeable truck accident attorney can guide you through the process and help you obtain compensation for your damages or the damages of a family member.

The Montgomery, AL, semi-trailer truck accident lawyers at Stokes Stemle, LLC, are ready to take charge following a truck traffic collision. We work tirelessly to seek the financial compensation you deserve. A dedicated, skilled trucking accident lawyer on your side can help reduce the stress in the aftermath of a life-altering truck accident.

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Let Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Montgomery, Alabama Go to Work for YouStokes Stemle, LLC

When you hire the Montgomery, AL trucking accident attorneys at Stokes Stemle, LLC, your case will be in good hands. You’ll have the guidance of an experienced truck accident lawyer who takes the time to understand your concerns and answer questions you may have about your claim. Your attorney will be by your side at every step of the claim process. In addition, you will be kept informed about every development in your case.

The dedicated semi-truck accident lawyers at Stokes Stemle, LLC will only rest once you are fully compensated for your injuries and damages. We will make sure you get the justice you deserve. Our legal team will conduct a thorough investigation of your truck accident case. Where necessary, our firm will work with reconstruction experts. Those experts will help us determine what happened in your accident and who may be at fault.

Your truck accident lawyer will help you navigate the often-complicated claims process. We will ensure that we have identified all parties who may be at fault for your accident. That may include trucking, freight, maintenance, or truck manufacturers. We will also find all insurance coverage available for your injuries.

Although the trucking company may claim only a certain amount of insurance is available, we often find that these companies have multiple layers of insurance through shell companies. Therefore, we will locate insurance coverage to provide you with additional compensation.

We fight the tactics of the trucking companies, their insurers, and the defense law firms to get you the maximum settlement possible. We will negotiate in your best interest. However, we won’t accept payment unless it provides you with fair and total compensation for your injuries.

When necessary, our truck accident injury attorneys are ready and will fully prepare your case for a court trial. We will vigorously advocate on your behalf before a judge or jury. Our goal is to get you the judgment or verdict that you deserve.