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Suffering a severe injury in an accident can completely upend your life. You may quickly find yourself out of work, unable to live normally, and with medical and other bills piling up. When your injuries are the result of someone else’s mistakes, you deserve to be compensated for the financial losses and physical and emotional harm that you have suffered. With personalized service, the personal injury lawyers in Dothan, AL at Stokes Stemle, LLC have helped injury victims and their families seek the money they need to avoid financial troubles after an accident and to help get their lives back to normal.

Contact our Dothan personal injury law firm today by phone, reach out to us via live chat, or contact us by email to learn more about your legal rights and options following an accident and injury.

Cases Our Dothan Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You With

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, our top-rated Dothan personal injury law firm – founded by lifetime Alabama residents Jonathan Stokes and Joshua Stemle – can enable you and your family to pursue the compensation and justice that you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience representing the residents of Dothan in all kinds of personal injury claims, including:

Car Accidents

Car Accidents

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Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

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wet floor sign

Premises Liability

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Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assault

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dog in park

Dog Bites

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roundup being sprayed on plants

Product Liability, including Roundup-related injuries and health conditions

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spine injury

Spinal Cord Injuries

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brain injury

Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

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No matter the circumstances surrounding your injuries, our Dothan personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for the financial resources you need.

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How Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Dothan, Alabama Can Help You

Injured person looking at calculator, papers, and computerWhen you suffer an unexpected, life-altering injury through an accident that wasn’t your fault, the physical trauma alone can leave you feeling helpless. These feelings can become compounded when you are left with long-lasting or permanent physical disabilities if you are out of work for an extended period of time without income, and when you have massive medical bills and other unpaid household expenses piling up.

You shouldn’t have to bear these financial, physical, and emotional burdens when someone else is at fault. That is why the Dothan personal injury law firm of Stokes Stemle, LLC will fight to hold those who injured you responsible and seek money to pay you back for what you and your family have been going through.

Our performance-driven personal injury attorneys in Dothan are prepared to thoroughly investigate and gather evidence about your accident and injuries to determine what exactly happened, who is responsible, and the financial resources available to fully compensate you.

We can then aggressively negotiate with the insurance companies and their defense lawyers to seek a maximum settlement of your claim. When a fair settlement does not emerge from these negotiations, our Dothan personal injury lawyers are prepared to take your case to court and vigorously advocate on your behalf to seek a verdict or judgment that fully compensates you for your ordeal.

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Our Dothan Personal Injury Lawyers Will Demand Full Compensation

When you are injured in an accident or other incident caused by someone else’s wrongdoing, you could be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party for damages you suffer.

Our Dothan personal injury lawyers can fight to get you compensation for:

  • Medical treatment expenses, including any hospital stays, doctor’s office visits, surgeries, prescription medication, therapy or rehabilitation, mobility equipment, prosthetics, or even home alterations to help accommodate your injuries or any disabilities you’ve suffered as a result
  • Lost wages, if you miss work and income due to your injuries
  • Lost earning capacity, which includes your past and future earnings if your injuries prevent you from returning to your old job or working the same number of hours you did prior to your injury, thus leading to a reduction in your income
  • Pain and suffering, which is the emotional and physical distress caused by your injuries
  • Lost quality of life from disability or physical disfigurement caused by your injuries, or the inability to perform tasks of daily living, or the inability to participate in activities that you enjoyed prior to the accident
  • Loss of consortium, which compensates your spouse for the loss of your intimate relationship, and your immediate family may also be entitled to be compensated for the loss of your care, companionship, guidance, and love
  • Property damage, whether it’s the cost to repair your property or for the cash value of destroyed or lost property

Contact our Dothan personal injury lawyers today to learn more about the kinds of personal injury compensation you may be entitled to.

Directions to Our Personal Injury Law Office in Dothan, AL

Stokes Stemle, LLC has a conveniently located office for our Dothan-area clients at:

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We are located just off Ross Clark Circle/U.S. 431/State Route 210. Our office is on Hedstrom Drive, just south of U.S. 84/State Route 12/East Main Street.

Stokes Stemle, LLC also has personal injury offices in Montgomery, AL and Opelika, AL.

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If you have been injured in an accident or other incident that was caused by someone else, you may deserve compensation for your injuries and for the other financial, physical, and emotional challenges that you are dealing with as a result the negligence of another party.

The Dothan personal injury attorneys at Stokes Stemle, LLC are ready to fight to seek the compensation and justice that you need and deserve. We want to help you get the resources you need to put your life back together and move on after a serious personal injury.

Contact our personal injury lawyers in Dothan, AL at Stokes Stemle, LLC today by phone or reach out online to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal rights and options. We will take the time to compassionately explain how our firm can assist you and your family during this difficult time in your life.

Our Dothan personal injury lawyers are available to clients and prospective clients on a 24/7 basis. Stokes Stemle, LLC’s professional legal services are available at no upfront cost. You do not owe us any fees unless we recover compensation for you.