What Is My Case Worth?

Probably the most frequent question we get here is what is my case worth, well there’s no hard-fast rule to determining what someone’s case is worth, basically what the insurance adjuster is going to look at is three primary things:

1) What are your injuries

2) What are your medical bills 

3) Where did the accident occur

And by that I mean which county in the state of Alabama or Georgia or floor or wherever you got injured.

The first thing that adjusters look at is your injuries, now, if you have a broken bone obviously that’s gonna be worth more than a strain in your back but that’s not all they’re looking at, they’re also looking at what your medical bills are, Alabama is a subrogation state which means basically at trough we have to sue the person that injured you instead of getting to show what the actual medical bills are we only get to show what your health insurance paid for those medical bills, so obviously if you get injured in Dothan Alabama and you go to flowers hospital and you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, flowers Hospital may say your bill is $9,000 but Blue Cross Blue Shield may only pay about $1500 to cover that whole bill so thus if we have to sue the person at fault, well at a trial we’re only going to be able to show the jury what Blue Cross Blue should pay so that $1500 and not the $9,000 the flowers hospital says their bill is worth.

Now, the third thing is what county really entered in and that’s important because there are some counties out there where if you file a lawsuit like in Macon County you’re going to get more money than if you file a lawsuit in Dothan Alabama.