What Is The Worst Insurance Company?

A question we frequently get asked is what is the best insurance company and was the worst insurance company now, there’s a lot of good ones out there but there’s a clear-cut winner for being the worst insurance company out there not be Allstate Insurance Company.

They systematically minimized everybody’s bills without any specific rationale or reasoning, they also will never give you Full Faith and Credit for your medical bills that are outstanding, there have been many times where there are five thousand dollars in medical bills and Allstate simply refuses to pay any more than three thousand without any reason.

The first things we tell clients when we found out Allstate Insurance is involved is that it’s going to take a lot longer for their case then it was someone more reasonable like progressive country one or any other insurance company really besides all states, they have a systematic approach to delay everything make it as miserable as possible and run every single case out as long as they can without paying the full amount that a case is worth, so when that happens we have to file a lawsuit and go through the litigation process in order to get your case claim in front of a jury and get you paid for the full amount of your medical bills and flex your claim is actually work.

If you have Allstate and you’re involved in an accident and got forbid you’re at fault for it the odds are very high that you’re probably going to get a suit, why is that? because all state’s not going to give them the full amount of their bills even if you wanted to they’re not going to do it, they have ten thousand dollars in medical bills all say it’s going to give them five and, what does that lead to? lawsuits because the only way for that person to get the full compensation that they deserve for their outstanding medical bills and pain and suffering is to fall lawsuit and get their case in front of a jury so that they can show a jury the demand and then they’ll get something reasonable so if you have Allstate not telling you to get rid of them but I don’t have Allstate.