What Should I Do If I Get Into An Accident?

  • The first thing to do is to stop and make sure everyone is okay, once you’ve done that get out the car and examine the damage and make sure all the people involved in the collision are also okay.
  • The second step is to call the cops because If you don’t have a place report you need to have an accident that need to assign blame, also if someone has been injured when you call 911 deals to the ambulance to transfer people to the hospitals an get all the medical care necessary.
  • Exchange information with other drivers, make sure you get all the information including policy, number, group number and anything you need to make sure you can get their insurance coverage.
  • Do not admit fault, just make sure to tell them how the collision occurred exactly and precisely so they can assign blame.
  • If you have been injured, go to the doctor as soon as possible, you may feel fine after the collision but you want to make sure you have the documents of all of your injuries, you got to be able to prove all of your injuries, and how do we prove it? With medical records and doctor testimonies.

If you have been in a collision, follow these 5 steps and If you have any questions, call Stokes Stemle at 334.316.4123