Why Is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

When you’ve been injured in a vehicle collision, it may seem like your car accident settlement is taking longer than it should to conclude. What’s the holdup? How long will you have to wait?
Unfortunately, many variables can impact how settlements play out. Here are some of the factors that may be contributing to your car accident settlement delay.

How Complex Was the Accident?

Car accident cases can be relatively straightforward. They can also be very complex. If your accident involved multiple drivers, had various contributing factors, or resulted in catastrophic injuries, your car accident lawyer will have much more evidence to gather, more documentation to deal with, and likely more negotiations to manage.
One of the critical benefits of trusting an attorney to handle your case is that they’ll have the expertise necessary to navigate this complexity, but the process takes time.

How Severe Are Your Injuries?

The extent of your injuries makes a big difference in how soon your case settles. The worse your injuries and the longer your recovery time, the longer you’ll likely wait.
Your car accident settlement may be much larger if you have more severe injuries. The best way to ensure you’re fairly compensated is to give yourself time to recover because it’ll give you a clearer understanding of the full extent of your injuries.

Insurance Company Delay Tactics

The other driver’s insurance company is in no rush to pay out a claim — and the larger your demand, the more likely they are to resort to stall tactics. They may ask for additional evidence, argue that you’re asking for too much money, or refute liability. Your personal injury attorney will be prepared to respond to these tactics.
At the same time, there may be some good reasons for the delay. Insurance companies are huge businesses and have numerous claims to handle. Again, this process takes time.

Legal Procedures and Paperwork

Your attorney’s job is to present a highly detailed case on your behalf. This process involves putting together a considerable amount of documentation, from the police report and witness statements to your medical records, auto repair bills, and proof of the wages you’ve lost due to your injuries.
Gathering all this documentation is critical to the outcome of your case, and it’s not a fast process. You want your lawyer to have as much evidence as possible because it can help maximize your settlement amount.

Negotiation Process

Concluding your settlement isn’t as easy as making a demand and having it accepted without question. The insurance company and your car accident lawyer will likely go through several rounds of negotiations before the case is settled.
After that, there’s likely to be even more negotiation, as your attorney will review the terms and conditions of the settlement and ensure your rights are fully protected. The waiting may be frustrating, but it’s worth it.

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