How Can Motorcycle Training Prevent Accidents

How Can Motorcycle Training Prevent Accidents

A motorcycle lacks the protective metal shell and airbags that are standard equipment in a car or truck. In a traffic collision, the motorcycle operator often fares much worse than the auto driver. Many motorcycle operators opt to take a motorcycle safety course before getting their license or while they’re in the process of qualifying for the license.

But can Alabama motorcycle training courses help prevent motorcycle accidents? According to a study published in the Journal of Safety Research, yes. The training can reduce injuries and costs in a motorcycle accident.

The Importance of Motorcycle Training

Taking a class for motorcycle training AL can yield many benefits for the operator, including:

  • Better riding skills. A motorcycle safety course can teach riders how to maneuver the vehicle deftly and learn proper braking techniques, which can help prevent accidents. Experienced riders can dodge a dangerous vehicle or stop safely without wrecking the bike.
  • Learning defensive driving techniques. The best way to avoid a motorcycle accident injury is to avoid the accident. Students learn how to respond to the dangers posed by others on the road, as well as road dangers like gravel and potholes.
  • Improved knowledge of traffic laws. Many states, including Alabama, have traffic laws specific to motorcycles, which many classes teach. Students may also learn proper lane positioning and the correct technique to pass safely.
  • Learning how to use safety gear properly. Alabama law requires all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear a motorcycle helmet. The instructor may educate operators on selecting the right helmet and other riding gear to reduce the chances of serious injury in a wreck.

Elements of Effective Motorcycle Training

Many AL motorcycle training classes incorporate both classroom and practical training. Look for a class that includes an education portion and a riding portion, giving you the information you need to keep yourself and others safe and opportunities to safely put that knowledge into practice under the eye of a trained instructor.

Good courses may also have different levels of training for motorcycle operators. A beginner class may help new riders get used to balancing and operating the bike. A more advanced classes may give techniques for more advanced skills and how to properly lay down the bike in case of a motorcycle wreck in a controlled environment. They can also explain the right kind of motorcycle insurance to carry. The Alabama Motorcycle Safety Program and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation are good places to start.

How Training Affects Accident Claims

To get an Alabama motorcycle license, you have to pass a written and driving test, as well as take a safety course. If you aren’t properly licensed, you may be considered negligent, even if you didn’t cause the wreck.

If your motorcycle accident lawyer can show that you took training classes and did everything you could to prevent an accident, on the other hand, it could go a long way toward proving to a jury that you weren’t to blame for a wreck. This could affect whether or not you receive a settlement or jury award in your personal injury claim. In many cases, other motorists fail to check for motorcycle riders when turning or changing lanes, resulting in a motorcycle accident.

Contact our Alabama Motorcycle Accident Attorneys to Learn More

Have you been hurt in a motorcycle accident you didn’t cause? All the training in the world cannot prevent an accident from happening. If you didn’t cause the wreck, you could be eligible for compensation from the at-fault party. Contact Stokes Stemle, LLC today to learn more in a free legal consultation. 

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