How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take?

If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by another motorist, you can seek compensation for losses such as medical expenses and lost income. While most claims are settled out of court after negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company, some injured riders cannot reach a motorcycle accident settlement because the insurer is unwilling to offer fair compensation. In these situations, the only option may be to file a lawsuit. You might wonder, “How long does a motorcycle accident lawsuit take?” The short answer is that it depends: multiple factors can affect the timeline and cause delays. 

Factors Affecting the Timeline

While many people are understandably eager to know how long the legal process will take, every lawsuit is different, and various factors will affect the timeline. For example, the timeline may be shorter if the at-fault party decides to settle before trial. On the other hand, complex cases or particularly obstinate defendants can make the case take longer than average. 

Phases of a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Though every case is unique, a motorcycle accident lawsuit typically involves the following phases:

  • Filing the complaint – This document formally starts the litigation process and lays out your allegations against the defendant and the damages you seek.
  • Discovery – During this phase, both parties exchange relevant information through tools like interrogatories, requests to produce documents, and depositions.
  • Motions – Either party can file motions asking the judge to make specific rulings, like dismissing the case or excluding certain pieces of evidence.
  • Settlement negotiations – Even after filing the lawsuit, you can still attempt to reach a settlement agreement until the trial. If negotiations fail, the trial will move forward as scheduled.
  • Trial – You can present evidence and witness testimony to prove your case to the judge or jury. The defense will also argue their side. Afterward, the judge or jury will render the final verdict. 

Potential Delays

The following factors may result in possible delays in a motorcycle accident lawsuit:

  • The severity of your injuries – If your prognosis is unclear, determining how much compensation you need for future medical costs may prolong the case.
  • The complexity of the case – Motorcycle accident cases involving multiple at-fault parties or a corporate entity can be long due to various insurance coverages.
  • The court’s timeline – Factors such as the court’s caseload can cause delays beyond the attorney’s control.

Stokes Stemle’s Commitment 

While many aspects of a lawsuit’s timeline are beyond anyone’s control, your choice of attorney can significantly affect the time you must wait for a settlement or verdict. Stokes Stemle, LLC, works diligently to provide effective and efficient legal representation to all clients, resolving each case as soon as possible while fighting for your maximum compensation.

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