Property Damage in Auto Accidents

When accidents happen there are so many questions going through a victim’s mind. What happened? Am I injured? Is the other driver injured? Am I going to be able to come back from this accident? With all these questions to be answered and paperwork to be done one thing often drifts to the background, your vehicle. Without a vehicle it will be incredibly difficult to get to the medical treatment required and to get to work to make sure bills keep getting paid. So let’s discuss what can be done when it comes to property damage.

What Is A Property Damage Claim

After an accident the primary concerns are injury damages and property damages. Now the insurance company treats these as two different claims. An injury claim covers injury and medical treatment stemming from those injuries while a property damage claim deals with damages to your vehicle. This type of claim may include rental cars, repair of your vehicle, or payment on a totaled vehicle.

How Do I Get A Rental And How Long Do I Have It

Now many policies provide for rental coverage with their policies but not all are so complete. The best way to ensure that you will have access to a rental car is to make sure you have your own coverage. Also keep in mind that the rental will likely only be available for 2 weeks at the most. If you wish to extend the rental you can at your own cost. Many times the insurance company will cancel reservations and if liability is disputed in the accident they may refuse to provide coverage. When disputes in coverage arise it is best to reach out to an attorney.

What Happens To My Car After The Accident

When your car is damaged in an accident it is usually towed from the scene which will come at a fee. If it is drivable you may be able to take it home. Depending on how damaged the vehicle is it will either be fixed or totaled out. When a car is totaled this means that it would cost more to fix it than what the total value of the car based on their review of similar vehicles. Negotiating the price on totaling out your vehicle can be pivotal to securing a new vehicle or insuring that the previous vehicle is paid off. When you cannot get the insurance company to see reason, call the Montgomery accident attorneys at Stokes Stemle, LLC.

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